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Project Ride is an auxiliary cycle training course for teenagers. This twelve hour course is designed to introduce students to various aspects of road use, concentrating on correct and safe procedures for dealing with Bermuda’s congested roads. The aim of the course is not only to teach the skills required for safe riding but also to teach an attitude that demonstrates responsibility and caring of other road users.
The topics covered in the course are:

  • Basic cycle maintenance
  • How to communicate with other road users
  • How to read road signs and markings
  • The system of cycle control
  • Safe positioning and following distances
  • Correct braking and acceleration procedures
  • How to negotiate corners and junctions
  • Roundabouts, skid prevention and overtaking
  • Road sense, courtesy and responsibility
  • Licensing and insuring a cycle
  • Laws governing road use and common traffic offenses

The course is run on the basis of explanation, demonstration, student practice, and corrective instruction. This means that for every skill that is taught, there will be three or possibly four parts:

  • Your instructor will EXPLAIN what will be required of you in the session
  • Your instructor will DEMONSTRATE the skill to be learned on the circuit
  • You will PRACTICE what your instructor demonstrated
If you do not perform the skill satisfactorily, your instructor will give CORRECTIVE INSTRUCTION and/or a further demonstration, pointing out the improvements that can be made. For more information about Project Ride, please contact the Project Ride Coordinator at the Transport Control Department (phone 292-1271) or the Project Ride Instructor at your school.

Christopher B. Swan
Independent Instructor
Swan's Project Ride
11 North Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 17

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