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FAQ - Bermuda Youth Licence

Bermuda Youth License FAQs

Q – What is the Bermuda Youth Licence?

A – The Bermuda Youth Licence (BYL) is the driver’s licence that is issued to Bermudian residents aged 16 to 18.

Q – How does a person get a Bermuda Youth Licence?

A – A BYL is obtained with a successful completion of the Project Ride programme.  Additionally, a medical form must be completed and the necessary funds must be paid at TCD to secure the licence.

Q – What are the restrictions of the BYL?

A – There are only two restrictions specific to the BYL.  They are: (1) No one is permitted to ride an auxiliary cycle with a passenger and (2) no one is permitted to drive on the roads between the hours of 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M.  All other traffic offences are the same as any other driver’s licence holder.

Q – What are the penalties for disobeying the restrictions?

A – If you disobey the restrictions, you will receive a $300 fine, 5 to 7 demerit points on your licence with a possible 6 month ban from riding on the road.

Q – How do I get involved in a Project Ride programme?

A – Project Ride is available at most senior schools – please inquire at the school office and ask for the resident Project Ride Instructor(s).  If your school does not have an instructor, please contact the Project Ride Coordinator at TCD who will put you in contact with one of the Independent Project Ride Instructors.

Q – What about tourist aged 16 to 18? Will they be able to ride?

A – No – tourist under the age of 18 yrs will not be allowed to rent a livery cycle without a Bermuda Youth Licence.

Q – What is the purpose of the Bermuda Youth Licence?

A – The purpose of the BYL is to increase the skill level of our younger riders over time, while decreasing their exposure to higher levels of risks.  The benefits of the BYL will be seen over time as we expect to see the level of our youths’ riding skills increase.

Q – When did the Bermuda Youth Licence come into effect?

A – The BYL came into effect on APRIL 1ST, 2010.  

Checking for updates and information or call the RSO at 292-1271 ext. 2349.

Christopher B. Swan
Independent Instructor
Swan's Project Ride
11 North Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 17

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