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Project Ride

Project Ride is an auxiliary cycle training course for teenagers. The program is 
administered by the Transport Control Department (TCD) together with the 
Department of Education. It is sponsored by the Road Safety Council.

Project Ride concentrates on attitude and skill development as a vital means of 
encouraging safe driving performance. Students are taught the art of strategic 
riding with an emphasis on a caring, responsible and defensive attitude towards 
road use.

The course introduces students to various aspects of road use, traffic laws, as 
well as concentrating on correct and safe procedures for dealing with Bermuda’s 
congested roads.

Students can enroll in Project Ride when they are 15 ½ years old; students can 
use this link sign-up form. The instruction takes place at TCD, and the written test 
is administered by Mr. Swan. The riding test takes place at TCD at the end of each 
course and a project ride completion slip is issued to the student. Students who 
complete the course are entitled to a 10% discount on their insurance at some 
companies, and should contact Mr. David Minors, at 292.1271, for documentation 
to present to the companies.

Christopher B. Swan
Independent Instructor
Swan's Project Ride
11 North Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 17

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